Rain Along the Trail (Journal 7)

July 23, 2015

Happy Anniversary! We have been married for 9 years now! What a journey it has been. We got to celebrate by spending the day exploring Tannehill State Park with our kids and having one of the biggest adventures we had ever experienced as a family.


It started out a beautiful, hot day. The kids were ready to start exploring right away. They had been excited about hiking since we had arrived the night before so we headed across the water to the trails.


We explored around the Merchant House and had a teachable moment. We saw that the window in the back of the house had been knocked out and there was trash on the inside. Michael told the kids that someday they might be out goofing around with friends, and if anyone gets any ideas that it would be fun to break stuff or leave trash laying around to never participate in something like that. It’s a stupid thing to do and destroys property, and they don’t want to be stupid. They said they will NEVER do anything like that EVER.



We were able to teach the kids about moss growing on the North side of the tree and that is a way to tell which direction you are heading if you don’t have a compass. They liked holding the iPhone and using the compass app to check and see if they were right.




We continued on until we came to a place to decide which trail we were going to follow. There was an easy trail that they once used to carry iron up the hill on carts pulled by oxen that led to a slave cemetery. We thought that would be a good one to take with the kids and the sign said 1.7 miles.






As we walked, we noticed it starting to get cloudy. Michael asked if we should check the radar, but we decided that it didn’t matter because we were stuck in the middle of the woods on a trail that we either had to back track or keep going on. We figured that we would just keep walking. The kids began to complain about their feet hurting or being tired when it started to lightly rain. It ended up being quite pleasant and rejuvenating. We came to a sign and got so excited that we had made it through the rain and were almost there.





We got to the slave cemetery, walked around, and talked about what it was. We explained to the kids what a slave meant and why they were buried without proper headstones. Brenna was sad for them.


While we were finishing up at the cemetery, it started to rain again. It quickly became more than a “slight rain.” It started coming down in buckets. We felt like we were standing in a shower. Our clothes were completely drenched. Melinda was trying to hide the camera in her shirt to keep it dry, but since her t-shirt was soaked through, it wasn’t doing much good. It would have been easy to get freaked out with how hard it was coming down, but we knew that there was nothing we could do about it. We just needed to keep walking to get back to the RV. We turned it into a fun adventure! We were able to teach the kids how to walk safely down a trail that is mostly covered in water, and they had to focus and pay attention to walk where daddy walked in front of them.


When we got back to the RV, we checked the map and realized that the trail we had gone on was 1.7 miles to the cemetery but much longer after that to get back to the campsites. We all ended up walking almost 4 miles! We never would have planned to get ourselves caught in that bad of a rainstorm that far from shelter, but it ended up being such a fun adventure. We were tired and done with being wet by the end of it, but we will definitely remember that hike in Tannehill State Park!

After getting dried off in the RV and resting for awhile, they wanted to get back out there and explore some more, even in the rain. So while the baby slept and Melinda worked on blog posts, daddy took the big kids back out to explore the park some more (a little closer to the RV this time). They watched how high and fast the water had risen since the rain and visited some of the historical buildings.








A day that fun requires laundry and a good dinner!








More Tannehill fun to come!

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