missionaries-are-childishSome missionary friends (Aaron and Julie Davis) of ours shared this blog post the other day: “Why Missionaries are Childish and Ask for So Much.


What a good reminder to us all that what we’ve decided to do with our lives is bigger than we are. This is why we need YOU! We have to have some financial partnership so we can get back on the road next month. Here’s what is up.

1. We have had quite a time fixing our van. A new alternator, new idler pulley, now we are replacing the whole belt assembly. Ugh… the finances involved in these repairs are taking their toll. (Some help from family has already eased that burden though.)
2. The title for our motorhome is lost in the mail somewhere. We are working with the dealership to figure out what happened. Please help us pray we get that title soon.

3. Also, we have a $3500 need so we can finish the licensing process on the RV. Any extra gifts to BecauseFamily over the next few weeks will be helping us get that done.

4. Finally, we still don’t have a towing solution figured out for the van. We would love to have it with us on our next ministry trip but are considering how we could do without it. Pray for wisdom and provision as we figure out all of that too.

Thank you for all you do and thanks for understanding that God’s plan for our ministry is bigger than we are and it takes all of us to make this happen. Your giving is much appreciated.



As of Wednesday September 9th, we have a couple of things settled and a couple not.

  1. The van is fixed. There is no more screeching from the engine and we don’t have to drive down the road calling that much attention to ourselves.
  2. We have had $600 donated towards the taxes. Big thank you to those who have given. Please EMAIL ME to find out how to give a special offering toward this need.
  3. We got an estimate on a towing option for the van. Either way we go we will need about $2000.

Thank you all for your prayers and if you have been waiting for the right time to give, as we are looking at five days from our deadline the time is definitely now.