Lunch Along the Road (Journal 2)


Saturday, July 18, 2015

There wasn’t much to do at the RV Park we stayed at, but we made the kids look around outside anyway. They wanted to go see what was in the building even though it was only the bathrooms and laundry. They were pretty disappointed that it wasn’t more exciting. We wanted to get back on the road, so we packed up and drove to the gas station next door to get gas before leaving for Mississipi. We were not quite used to where the gas valve is located on the driver’s side and pulled too far past. So we looped around the building again for another go at it. We are learning to take things slow and try as much as possible to think ahead. There’s no racing when you are in an RV.

MelindaWhile looking out the window watching the the trees go by sitting in our RV that was our HOME, Melinda couldn’t help but smile that we were actually doing this! It was a difficult process, and we felt like it would never happen. But then here we were driving down the road! We felt incredibly blessed.

AliviaThumbsUp Alton Brenna

We felt even more blessed when welunch stopped in Arkansas about 30 minutes from Memphis, TN at a Truck Rest Stop, and the kids played outside while Melinda made lunch. It was so great to be able to stop anywhere and have our kitchen and a bathroom handy right there. We ate then got back on the road. THIS is the way to travel.



On our way into Tennessee, we listened to a few songs about Memphis: “Maybe it Was Memphis” and, of course, “Walking in Memphis.” While driving in the city we HAD to turn on some Elvis to serenade us through his hometown.



We arrived in Columbus, MS around 6:15 where it was a whopping 102 degrees. Our friend Sam helped us get set up at the hook ups in the parking lot where he is the youth pastor. Thanks Fairview Baptist for letting us stay in your front yard!



We decided since we had been eating in the RV the last couple days that we would reward ourselves with a night out a restaurant. We ate at a local place called Harvey’s that was delicious. One of the servers found out we were from Missouri and called us “Yankees.”


Our cute little “Yankees” sitting on a bench (it’s becoming a tradition with benches)

Unfortunately, we needed to go to Walmart before going back to the RV, so we found the closest one and did what we had to do. Taking kids to Walmart has never been our idea of fun. It’s like herding cats keeping everyone focused on the task before us. We ended up calling them “Cats” every time we tried to get there attention that night. We survived though and had a great night anyway.


“Back to the car, Cats!”