Fun Along the Riverwalk (Journal 5)

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

We had a rough morning with the oldest. Some communication issues and tiredness caused a little extra drama. We kept the plan for the day but knew we needed to pay attention to make sure there weren’t further issues. It’s so easy to get frustrated when the kids don’t act how you want them to, but we needed to remember that he’s been through a lot lately and will have some adjustment times.

First stop of the day was to a local coffee shop in downtown Columbus, MS. It’s called Coffee on 5th. We knew right away when we walked in that it would be good because the decor indicated that they knew where coffee came from and nothing said “Jamaica Me Crazy.”


Plus they had cold brew made in the science experiment looking method (Japanese Syphon brewing method).


It was a cozy, friendly place. They had games and puzzles so the kids were having a great time playing while we drank our cold brew. Michael was able to chat with the owner for a few minutes about what we do and gave her our card. Alton had a great time “putting a puzzle together,” and Melinda came just short of a victory against Jason before we had to leave.



After leaving the coffee shop, we walked through downtown until we reached the childhood home of Tennessee Williams. He was a playwright who was most known for Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and A Streetcar Named Desire. Since Melinda was an english major and read some of his works, she was excited to visit a part of his history. The kids had fun exploring the house and kept exclaiming that “they made bedrooms so different back then.” The lady that worked there told us some of the history behind the house. It is not in it’s original location, but they moved it from right next to St Paul’s Church about 100 yards away to the new spot and renovated what was necessary to make it into a welcome center. She told us that it is about 90% original.


We stopped at Cafe on Main for lunch before going to the Riverwalk. The waitresses kept going on and on about how well behaved our kids were. It was a good reminder because it doesn’t always feel that way (like that morning). We were able to share with our waitress a little bit about what we do (it was nice to be able to do that since kids weren’t currently proving us to be wackos). She took the tip we left for her and insisted on buying the kids a piece of candy. Though we are pretty strict about candy in our family, we let them enjoy a little bit of it anyway.


The Riverwalk was pretty. We enjoyed walking along the path though it got uncomfortably hot in the sun. There were a few shaded spots to stop at along the way. As we headed for the car, a pop up storm came and cooled us off a little.


We spent the evening at our friends’ house where the kids had a blast playing in their playroom and backyard. It’s fun that our kids have friends all over the country that they can get to know. They all hugged about 50 times before we left that night.



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