Food Along the Walk (Journal 4)

Monday, July 20, 2015

It was a hot one. . .remember this??Fairview

Whatever we decided to do that day, we would need to surround it with something to cool us down. We started off by visiting the local Assemblies of God church, and Michael and Jason went in to meet the pastor and chat while Melinda and the other kids stayed in the van to keep the air conditioner going. They had a good talk, and we look forward to hearing from him in the future.

We didn’t plan out the rest of the day very well, so we ended up eating lunch at the park at the playground. It was not as fun as you would want it to be because it was so hot. Everyone was pretty lethargic and grouchy. We realized it was time to hit the free splash pad on the other side of the park!

Everyone came to life when we got in the water spray. We had a lot of fun and felt much cooler.BrennaSplashPad MichaelSplashPad


After our afternoon rest, we went to the local Farmers Market for corn. The kids were pretty specific about what they wanted to get because they love corn and we haven’t gotten any in awhile. There’s just nothing like small farm grown corn. We like to eat and shop local as often as we can. We also got a small jar of homemade Pear Jelly. It was delicious!



We spent the evening hanging out outside by our small grill. Yum!AliviaCorn AltonHotDog BrennaCorn JasonCorn MichaelCorn


To add even more excitement to the day, Melinda got to go do laundry! Double S Laundry was comfortable. The attendant was so nice and even helped take the laundry back to the van when it was done. Though it took longer than expected and Melinda was a little outside of her comfort zone (culturally), it was not a bad experiencing doing laundry at a laundromat. We just have to remember to keep quarters handy. It ended up being about $11 to wash and dry our clothes and towels.

We are so thankful for our financial partners who help us be able to do things like our laundry!