Dreams Really Do Come True (pt2)

– For the Sake of Time –

michaelyouthpastorAllow me to sum up four or so of the past five years for you. We spent several years as youth pastors for a church in Branson Missouri. Our church went through some crazy situations that caused us to have to close and reopen. While navigating through that process with the staff, Melinda and I developed more of a passion to see families restored and made whole through our ministry. This led to us resigning as Family Ministry Pastors and starting Four Point Families. We traveled with Four Point Families for a year and out of that a new ministry called BecauseFamily was born.

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others. 

-Jonathan Swift

– For the Sake of Context –

BecauseFamily came out of the simple notion that every choice we make affects our family and therefore family should be considered as a reason for everything. This is why we work to inspire parents to be the first influence in their children’s lives. So when we made the decision to sell our home and hit the road in an RV full time it was BecauseFamily. We make that decision because of our family, and because of yours. Because every family in the US needs to know about God’s plan for them.


We are missionaries. Everything we do is supported by the generosity of churches, businesses, and individuals all over Southern Missouri and the US that support us monthly. This monthly income allows us to go into any community no matter the demographic, budget, or neighborhood and preach the good news to families. Just as the monthly support provides for us financially, our new home on wheels, affectionately named “The Adventure Wagon” (Addywag for short), provides the means to get to wherever the ministry takes us.

Tomorrow…the exciting intense stressful process of selling a home and downsizing to move into an RV…