For Parents

BecauseFamily Seminars consist of four sessions. "The Power of Influence, Your Kids' Culture, Have a Strategy, and Setting Digital Boundaries." 

For Kids

Michael speaks to children about the power of what they watch, read, play, and listen to as well as what healthy tech habits look like and how to be a quality digital citizen. 

For Teens

The talks for youth consist of teachings about the voices of our culture vs the voice of our creator. Michael also speaks to teenagers about digital citizenship and how followers of Christ should represent themselves online. 

For Educators

Teacher training workshops allow us to walk educators thought some simple steps to protect the kids in their classroom from unplanned and unwanted content. We also discuss classroom tech device rules and procedures.
Professional Speaker

Michael has been speaking to groups of all ages for 15 years. As a Youth Pastor Michael learned how to hold an audiences attention with humor while providing the kind of information that will keep them thinking long after the event has ended. 

Remote Meetings

To save on travel costs you can book a remote session over Skype. If your meeting space has a computer with internet access and a way to protect the screen for your group then Michael can deliver a message from anywhere.

Cost Effective

As a non-profit BecauseFamily operates solely on donations and fees charged for speaking events. Our vision has always been to reach every family possible. Because of this vision, our honorarium fees are low and get lower with every session you book. 

Fee Information

Church Service Honorariums

While we will do church meetings for offerings, to meet our needs we prefer an agreed-upon honorarium. We ask $400 for one session and $1200 for a four-session seminar. Contact us to discuss youth and kid session pricing.
Honorariums, while they've been determined based on the needs of our ministry and our family, are somewhat negotiable. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Schools and Other Groups

Setting Digital Boundaries Workshops are designed to meet the specific needs of your group. It's the best way to educate parents or teachers on the most effective ways to protect your students while they are online. We ask $300 for a single workshop session. Some events require the same session to be repeated. Please contact us to discuss a fee agreement based on the specific plan for your event. 

Contact us to book a service or workshop or if you have any questions.