Your kids will never know a world without the selfie, the like button, and the Snapmap. It's your job to help them understand the healthiest way to use the most fun and entertaining features on the internet, gaming, and social media. The Setting Digital Boundaries workshop is designed to walk you through the dangers associated with unfiltered, unmonitored internet use and teach you about the tools you can use to protect them from adult content, cyberbullying, predators, and sexting. 


BecauseFamily trains teachers with tips, tricks, and hands-on tools for keeping internet usage safe in their classrooms. We teach about filters on your computers and browsers, video and music playlists, and digital citizenship tips that will help teachers be sure their students only see the things they want them to see online. Send your child's teacher or principle a link to this site and have them contact us to set up a live or Skype training session.


Think of it as a Mary Kay party, but instead of selling makeup we're teaching internet safety tips. Hosting a Living Room Workshop is free, and so is attending one. The host's responsibility is to invite their friends, (maybe with a Facebook event) make some snacks, and welcome everyone. We take it from there with a half hour presentation followed by a question and answer session. These events provide a small group teaching environment that allows the attendee's needs to be met and questions to be answered. Contact us to get more information about hosting a Living Room Workshop. 


So you've heard about some of the great tools available to protect your kids online. You've talked to your family and you're ready to take that step towards internet safety in your home. The problem is, you have no clue how to get it all working. If you are within 50 miles of BecauseFamily's home offices, you can book an in-home setup. We can come in and get you all set up with whatever tools you've decided will best suit your families needs. We don't charge for this service but donations to our non-profit ministry are accepted. Give us a shout today and we'll get you all set-up!