What is a Living Room Workshop?

living-roomA Living Room Workshop is a small group meeting in someone’s home or at your organization. You, a few friends, and someone from BecauseFamily will get together for fellowship, food, and teaching. It’s a fun opportunity to get together and learn while we get to know each-other more.

Who can host?

Anyone, really. You just need a living room or small group space, a kitchen or way to order food, and some friends with a desire to learn more about protecting your kids online.

Who should I invite?

Invite your friends and family. Couples with kids, single parents, grandparents raising their grandkids. Anyone you know who can benefit from THE LATEST information about protecting the entire family online.

What else do I have to do?

Promote the event. We will send you some artwork and information and you can create a facebook event to invite your friends. You can make some phone calls and send some emails or facebook messages. We aren’t looking for a hundred people. Just several couples who are ready to be serious about their kid’s online security.

snacks-foodMake snacks. If you want to prepare a meal, great! If you’d rather buy six bags of chips and some root beer, that’s fine too. Telling your friends you’ll have food is a great way to ensure they’ll be there.

Have your space ready. I will show up a bit early to be sure I can run my slides on your TV and have a spot to set up our books and information. You’ll want a space that everyone can sit and a room where kids can go play or watch a movie for a half hour or so.

How much does it cost?

It costs nothing in your home. (Except time and food cost. Organizations and churches can contact us for a fee schedule.)

We will talk about our book that we sell for ten dollars, I will offer full service device setup, and inform folks on how they can partner with our non-profit financially.

More Questions?

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The Book

whatsinyourpocketover“What’s in Your Pocket?” will inspire you to make time to be a student of the culture your children are growing up in. A major part of this culture is the technology that now consumes the lives of so many young people. Through scripture, statistics, technology tips, and stories of experiences, we will convince you that there is no more important task to give your precious time to than the task of learning about your children and their online world.