Daily Podcast Day 8: FAQ-Resources, Fatherlessness, and Technology

When speaking at churches I (Michael) often get the chance to talk with parents about their current issues. There are a few questions that I am constantly being asked. I thought I’d put the answers to those questions in this podcast episode because if it these things are weighing on the minds of so many parents[…]

Daily Podcast Day 7: The Value of Serving in Ministry (INTERVIEW)

In this interview episode I talk to Jessica Oller, she is like a daughter to Melinda and me and has spent the past six months serving in ministry in Cork, Ireland. She’ll tell us about spending almost half her life serving the Church as well as the story of raising $10,000 in two months and going to Ireland to be an intern.

Daily Podcast Day 4: When Your Kids Get Home from Camp

Summer is the time for kid and youth camps, mission trips, VBS, and discipleship week/weekends. Our kids often have great experiences at these events but their return to the “real world” can be disappointing. How can we, as parents, help them make the transition from this “God bubble” to reality?