Library and At Lanta (Journal 10)

Monday, July 27, 2015

We needed to get some work done for the day, so we headed to the local library. The kids were able to spend some quiet time reading books and doing crafts with Melinda, while Michael worked on some editing.



We signed up for Kids’ Art Week online by Carla Sonheim. We had fun doing her warm up prompt called “Crazy Birds.” She has some easy art projects that you can do as a family from young to old.



Crazy Birds by a 3, 5, 7, and 29 year old.

We spent the evening hanging out with our friends.


Tuesday, July 28, 2015

We ate lunch, swam, and hung out with our friends for the day. Melinda was able to go with Amy to her book club meeting that night. They are kindred spirits and love a lot of the same things!



Wednesday, July 29, 2015

We took the 45 minute drive to Atlanta to experience a few specific places we had talked about going to. On the drive there, Jason discussed why they call it Atlanta when they could just call it Lanta, and you could say you were “at” Lanta. He is a thinker.

First, we went to Fernbank Science Center and looked at the exhibits and watched the planetarium show. We were able to get in with our Discovery Center passes that we got for Christmas from family. Thanks again, family!



It wasn’t a large museum, but the kids still enjoyed themselves and learned a little in the process.

By the time we left Fernbank, we were all getting hangry. We try to avoid getting to that point because none of us handle ourselves very well in that situation. It is a challenge to keep the family from destroying one another when they haven’t eaten. So, while we drove to a restaurant, we tried to distract the kids as much as possible.


BrennaDaddyMiTacoIt’s amazing how much happier everyone gets after a few chips.

Since our kids or so into Legos right now, we decided to go to the Lego store in Sugarloaf Mall. That day happened the be a Lego Minifig competition day. They gathered a group of kids at the table filled with minifig pieces. They had to put together a complete minifig using any pieces and make as many as they could in 2 minutes.


Jason had spent all of his spending money already, so he knew all he could do in the store was look around. We didn’t realize that there was a prize attached to the little competitions. Anyone who participate got a free minifig, and Jason won the competition so he got three! He was so excited. We told him that this was a blessing in his life.


We then headed to IKEA. We had never been there, and we felt like we should have the experience since we were finally close to one.


We had heard about the meatballs and were skeptical about a furniture store having good food. However, we were surprised when we tasted the food, and it was pretty good!


MichaelIKEAThe store only had about 30 minutes before closing, so we finished eating and headed to the showroom. We were having fun looking at all the furniture and organizing stuff. Jason said he wanted to live in a place like that because he wanted to be able to choose a different kitchen to cook in every day. The store is huge! We liked looking at the tiny home displays. We are drawn to those for some reason!

The announcement came over the intercom that they were closing,  so we wandered toward the exit. One of the workers asked if we needed a shortcut, but Melinda asked if we could still take the long way to keep looking. We were having too much fun looking at all the different styles of furniture, organizing stuff, and decor, but they started turning off lights so we figured we should let them close up. The experience is pretty interesting! And we bought a desk! Well, a lap desk anyway.

Everyone was tired, so after a quick stop at Whole Foods, we headed back to the RV. We love being able to teach our kids through experiences like science museums, lessons of blessing like the Lego store, and showing them how to take time to see new things.

If you haven’t been keeping up with our trip to Florida, you can start at the first post here, Journal 1.