One minute = $3.50 – Five Minutes = $17.50 – Ten Minutes = $35

Twenty Minutes = $70 – Half Hour = $105 – One Hour = $210



The quiet days will be during the first weekend of May.

The deadline to give is May 3.

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Checks can be snail mailed to PO Box 75 Hollister MO 65673

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Donations: Minutes cost $3.50 each. Donors may sponsor as many minutes as they’d like. Donations must be given through the paypal link above or in check form directly to Michael or Melinda Prince. Donations over $25 will be tax deductible and a receipt will be mailed to the donor around six weeks after the donation is made. Donations that are given will go to benefit BecauseFamily and facilitate the non-profit’s work with families. Michael and Melinda Prince, as the founders and directors of BecauseFamily, have the right to determine what constitutes proper spending of monies raised by any fundraiser sponsored by BecauseFamily. All funds will be spent in accordance to non profit law of the United States and spending may include reimbursement or compensation for Michael Prince for performing the job of Director of BecauseFamily.

Quiet Days: During the selected quiet days Michael must not speak or post on social media during the hours of 8am to 11 pm until the amount of time purchased by donors has been met. If Michael breaks his silence prematurely at any point during this time two more hours will be added to the end of the sponsored time as a penalty. The quiet days will be documented and featured on the BecauseFamily social media pages and YouTube channel.

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