We have a six year old tradition in our family called Hallow-Christmas-ween. It’s quite simple. We celebrate it on October 31. The days’s activities include pancakes for brunch, decorating for Christmas, listening to and watching Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, and then doing whatever evening activities our church or dance studio has going. (Tonight we are dancing downtown in a Thriller flash mob.) 

This tradition was born out of a loathing for candy, (due to various kid’s allergies and a commitment to eating healthy) scary costumes, and strangers knocking on our door as well as a love for all things Christmas and the desire to start the month of November with decor already up. (Because November is pre-Christmas month and Thanksgiving is just a family meal and football day. Not a proper holiday.) We also wanted to turn October 31 into something thay met our family’s standards. Standards that begin with spending time together. 
Since we don’t like so much about what Halloween celebrates (talking to strangers, tooth rotting candy, walking in the street, and gross or inappropriate costumes) we made it about the things we love: Good and healthy food, fun family time, decorating, dancing, and spontaneously finding a way to get dressed up all cute-like. Six years in and it’s become one of our favorite days. 

You don’t have to have a Hallow-Christmas-ween but I encourage you to set and keep your family’s standards. You have to stand for something and lowering those standards just because today is a certain day doesn’t send a very good message to your children. I’m not just talking about Halloween. I’m talking about always. Be who you are and decide who your family is and be THAT FAMILY, always. Just like you should be the person you are, always. 
Happy Hallow-Christmas-ween. 
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