Branson to Dallas: Learning to Say Yes

newpodcastlogoThe adventure begins. We left Branson MO on January 15th and headed towards Dallas. An opportunity to play in the snow reminded us that sometimes you kids just need you to say yes.

Music by Kevin MacLeod

2 thoughts on “Branson to Dallas: Learning to Say Yes

  • We are with you 100%. We kept our kids in church until they were older and have never regretted it. My wife has volunteered in the preschool area for years to help out, and we always marvel that the worst behaving kids in the nursery and preschool are the ones where their parents are either on staff or volunteer every week and they leave their kids in the nursery/preschool for hours every Sunday and Wednesday. Unfortunately for so many it is ministry first, family second, which is wrong.

    Nothing against being on staff or volunteering at a church or ministry, but if it is at the cost of your family, adjustments need to be made.

    Great Podcast!

    • I apologize that this comment got lost in the spam. Thanks so much for your thoughts. I (Michael) agree that too many put ministry before family. Unfortunately, I think, the church perpetuates that issue but putting such a high value on volunteers. It’s not a simple issue with a simple solution but it’s definitely something to think about. Thanks again!

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