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Bio:prayercard2015Michael and Melinda have a love story that would make any romantic swoon. Meeting when she was 12 and he was 14. they were friends from the start. After several years of friendship through their teens, Melinda agreed to begin a relationship with Michael if her dad would give them his blessing. After asking and being told no and then waiting two years for a yes, they went bowling for their first date in 2003.

Michael and Melinda dated for almost two years before Michael went to Dallas for bible school. During that time of long distance, Michael was called into ministry and felt it was time to make Melinda his wife; so he left Dallas after that semester, and the two were married eight months later on July 23, 2006.

The couple served together in ministry in many capacities in Branson, Missouri at a local Assemblies of God church. Beginning as volunteers in youth ministry, they soon became the interim youth pastors. The church hired a replacement, and Michael was asked to come on full time and pioneer the church’s first program for Junior High students. Through the years, Michael and Melinda were Assistant Youth Pastors, Lead Student Ministries Pastors, and finally, Family Ministries Pastors, all at the same church in Branson.

During the last few years of ministry there, Michael felt a strong pull toward seeing families learn to serve God together–as a family. This was cultivated and implemented into how Michael and Melinda did ministry and how they raised their, then, three children (Jason, Alivia, and Brenna). This pull soon became a calling and Michael and Melinda stepped down, after nearly eight years, from staff positions at their church and began towards the path of becoming Assemblies of God US Missionaries.

That path RVwithFamilyhas been long and complicated but has also been exciting and has taught them so much. Their fourth child, Alton, was born only two months after becoming official missionary candidates. The Princes have since raised almost half of the support they are required to raise. They have sold their home and are living full time in an RV in order to be readily available to minister wherever the need arises. They are always looking for new places to invest in families and strengthen a church’s effectiveness to the families of their community.


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