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The Vision

Inspiring and Equipping Parents to be the First Influence in their Children's Lives and Partnering with Churches to Strengthen the Families in their Congregations.


…parents to be the first influence in the lives of their children.


…families for discipleship at home.


…churches on ministering to families holistically.


…church leaders to help them strengthen families.

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The "Issues"

Why BecauseFamily exists.
Our kids are growing up in a poisonous atmosphere.

As some of the facts listed to the right confirm, it's harder for kids to grow up in this culture than any culture in history. The Word tells us that parents are to be the first influence in their children's lives. If we can take that role seriously we can see these figures begin to change and our kids begin to thrive.

  • % Media Controlled by Six Major Companies
  • % Young People Leave the Church after High School
  • % of Teen Deaths by Suicide Annualy
  • % of Alcoholics Who Started Drinking Before Age 14

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